Introducing Client Hub's new ChatGPT-powered feature called Magic Workflow. It's totally changing the game for accounting and bookkeeping professionals. With Magic Workflow, creating custom workflows and processes has never been easier!

Many accountants and bookkeepers don’t make, or have the time to document their workflows. Figuring out where to start is often the barrier to getting started and the idea of documenting workflows and processes is overwhelming and time consuming. The cool thing about the Magic Workflow feature is the ability to create Jobs, and Job templates with a simple description of what the job is. This takes away the heavy lifting and allows you to focus on refining the processes rather than building them from the ground up.

A Job in Client Hub is a list of tasks that need to be completed to achieve a specific chunk of work for a client. Each task can have a detailed description or additional information about how to perform the task correctly, making the process simpler for users and allowing for easier transition for staff turnover or PTO.

The benefit of using the power of ChatGPT is that the Magic Workflow is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. For example, with a simple description, Magic Workflow can create a Job for monthly bookkeeping that includes tasks such as reconciling accounts, entering expenses and income, and generating month-end reports. Similarly, it can create a Job for a payroll process that includes tasks such as getting timesheet approvals, processing payroll in a specific payroll software and generating payroll reports.

Here is how it works:

· Select the Magic Job or Magic Template option.

· Enter a short description of the work you need to do.

· Click the Generate Job button.

· Review the list of tasks and the task details generated by Magic Workflow.

· Customize the job by adding additional tasks or refining the task details.

One of the primary benefits of the Magic Workflow feature is that it streamlines the entire process. By breaking down complex jobs into individual tasks, it makes them more manageable and less overwhelming for users. Additionally, the Jobs feature in Client Hub allows users to automate the creation of repetitive Jobs eliminating the possibility of missing deadlines.

One of the standout features of Magic Workflow's Jobs is their customizability. Users can create workflows that fit their specific needs, tailoring the process to their unique business requirements. This level of customization increases efficiency and saves time, making the entire process more streamlined.

In conclusion

Magic Workflow is available in all paid subscription levels of Client Hub.  It is a game-changer for accounting and bookkeeping firms looking to streamline the process of documenting their internal workflows to ensure consistency of work and continuation of service in the event of staff turnover.

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