Basic $799
Enterprise $1,599
Import client list
Import client contact details
Set up workspace defaults
up to 25 folders
(no subfolders)
Up to 25 folders
(+1 level of subfolders)
Add job templates from the
current workflow solution
Up to 20 templates
Kick-off meeting - prepare
for set-up
Workflow workshop (60
Team training session (90
1 Team Training Session
2 Team Training Sessions
Connect Meeting(s) (per year)
2 Connect Meeting(s)
4 Connect Meeting(s)
VIP support (via Get Help Link)
Annual Renewal* (VIP support
and connect meetings)
Effective 9/1/2023 - fees and service levels are subject to change - contact your sales rep for additional details
*Annual renewal can be canceled anytime before the renewal date