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Modern Client Portal and Workflow:
Built for Cloud Accounting Firms

For your clients: A complete modern client portal and mobile app.
For your team: Easily manage workflow, client communication, and more. Now with AI Superpowers built-in!
For you: Full visibility to everything in the firm.
All in Client Hub.

Cloud Accounting Firms  Love, Love, Love Client Hub

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Client Hub has been a game changer for my business. It's the perfect solution for an efficient workflow between my team and for my client. Moving client and team communication primarily out of email and into Client Hub has saved my lots of time and given me back my sanity. I can't wait to grow with Client Hub!

Danielle Kleinrichert
Neatbooks, LLC

I was previously creating customized reports for Uncategorized Expenses in QBO and sending it to my client. How it was being returned was messy. With Client Hub, they can select the account and I can close it out to accept it. We can even have a conversation about that one transaction. I love this!

Vanette Cotto
Prosper Financials, LLC

Clienthub is SO easy to set up and tailor is to your business. I highly recommend spending the time to set up your business how you want it, and having your clients download the app first meeting. This thing not only made my life easier, it shows my clients that we are a tech company and that we truly stay on top of our game.

Joel Felix
Logic Accounting Solutions, Inc

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Built for Modern Cloud Accounting Firms

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Easily Manage Client Communications

Email Integration, Secure Messaging, Awesome Mobile Apps, Seamless File Sharing, Branded Client Experience

Never chase clients for Missing Information

Client Experience is at the core and is so good that your clients actually respond in time. Powerful Client Tasks and QBO/Xero integrations to resolve uncategorized tnxs

AI-Based Superpowers

Magic Workflow, Magic Email Summaries, Magic Email Replies and much more to come ...

Take your firm to the future by getting on board today

Efficiently Manage Your Work

Simple yet powerful Workflow with easy to follow checklists, Pinned Items, Time Tracking

See Everything in Your Firm

Jobs Dashboard, Client Task Dashboard, Time Tracking Dashboard

And Even More

Zapier Integration, Exciting AI Roadmap, Incredible Support

Ready to Up-level your Firm?

Here's 5 reasons why Client Hub is the best solution to take your firm to the next level

1 You get client responses super-fast

Client tasks that your clients easily answer, even on a mobile app (and auto-reminders!)

2 Drop-dead simple to use

Modern look-and-feel, Workflows with simple checklists, and more

3 Harness AI in amazing ways

Have AI draft email replies, create task checklists and more

4 Nothing falls through the cracks

Easy-to-use Dashboards

5 You save time and money with an all-in-one solution

Everything in one place: Workflow, Client Portal, File sharing, Client Communication and so much more ...

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Resolve all Uncategorized QuickBooks Transactions for free!

Our award-winning QuickBooks integration is now free for firms and their clients.
Setup is simple: Just connect Client Hub to your client’s QuickBooks Online company and choose uncategorized transaction account(s) to sync.

Then, it’s Easy as 1, 2, 3 …
Client Hub Auto-magically syncs uncategorized transactions to your client.
Your client provides more info – on the web or on the go in our mobile app.
You review and update QuickBooks - right from Client Hub.
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Client Hub in 90 Seconds

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