Learn how Lorenda Christensen:

  • Went from a screen full of open tabs to a streamlined workflow in a single app.
  • Moved all client communication and document management inside Client Hub.
  • Partners with other accounting professionals to offer a better client experience.

Juggling Apps Becomes Too Difficult to Manage

I was constantly having to go from Dropbox to my task manager, to [other apps]... to have that all in one window with [Client Hub] and all of my files is just great.

As Lorenda puts it, “there are a lot of good [software] products… but it’s $15 here and $25 here, each month.” The cost of using multiple tools was adding up — not just in terms of dollars but also in terms of time.

Lorenda found herself piecing together a “Frankenstein” system. It wasn’t ideal for her team, partners, or clients.

Using many different apps created problems that may sound familiar to you:

  • Searching across multiple apps to get the files and information you need to do work
  • Worrying about potential security issues working on unencrypted platforms like email
  • Having to request documents from clients and partners and manually move them into one (or more) other tools.

Client Hub Streamlines Bookkeeping Workflow

[Client Hub] has been a game-changer for us. It's made things so much easier. It saved us a ton of time. And we finally finished converting all of our clients there.

After trying several tools, including Asana and Monday.com, Lorenda decided to see if Client Hub could tame the tech stack beast. With Client Hub, Berryhill Consulting increased workflow speed and got more organized. Now Lorenda sleeps well at night, knowing her client files are secure.

Other key Client Hub benefits for Berryhill Consulting include:

  • Secure files in the same place the work happens: Client Hub puts files, tasks, and chat in one secure place, allowing Lorenda and her team to work more efficiently. As Lorenda says, “It allows me to jump in there and at a glance, know exactly where we are on all of the clients… If I have a client that calls and asks me for the status, I don’t have to put them on hold.”
  • Clients love using Client Hub to chat: With the Client Hub mobile app, Lorenda speeds up communication by chatting directly with busy business owners on their preferred device — their phones. She doesn’t have to wait for them to check their email. And her clients love being able to text with their bookkeeper in the same mobile app where they upload files and check off tasks.
  • QuickBooks integration speeds up getting answers: The QuickBooks integration makes it easy to ask clients about uncategorized transactions inside Client Hub. Berryhill Consulting used to put the uncategorized transactions in spreadsheets and send them to clients periodically. Now with Client Hub, they can automate this Q&A process throughout the month without the need for spreadsheets.

The Benefits of Going All-In on Client Hub

“...the first thing that we mention is, ‘you're about to get an invite to Client Hub.’ This is where we are going to put all of your documents.”

It can be challenging to get clients to accept and use new systems. But Lorenda knew that it would be worth the struggle.

Four months ago, Lorenda finished converting all of her clients to Client Hub. One hundred percent of her firm’s files, tasks, and messages are in the app. Now Lorenda is more confident that nothing will slip through the cracks.

Lorenda uses Client Hub for client onboarding, meaning prospects get introduced to Client Hub early on and trained on how to use it to communicate with the firm. At the same time, Lorenda builds out a documented, repeatable process in Client Hub that she can hand off to her employee.

Lorenda had to schedule meetings to go over new clients with her team in the past. Now, she can record a quick video and place it in each task in the client workspace in Client Hub, significantly reducing the number of meetings and ensuring that the process for each client is well-documented.

Growth Through Partnerships with Other Professionals

BerryHill doesn’t offer tax prep, but Lorenda knows the best option for clients is a one-stop shop that includes bookkeeping and tax. Rather than build out a tax practice, Lorenda is working on partnering with CPAs to offer both bookkeeping and tax as a potential joint venture.

Lorenda can consider deep partnerships like this, thanks to Client Hub. Client Hub allows Lorenda to invite CPAs and contractors to collaborate with mutual clients and each other directly in the app rather than via email. This increases the value generated by all the professionals involved because it reduces the need to go through clients to get what they need to do their work.

With Client Hub, every contractor and partner is part of the same team, communicating with one another and clients all in a single place.

Ready to Have a Client Hub of Your Own?

Are you feeling the fear of a Frankenstein tech stack and the pain of an overly-complicated workflow?

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