Learn how Brandon:

  • Chose not to offer traditional tax services and niched down from the beginning
  • Carefully chose the firm’s tech stack, with Client Hub as the centerpiece
  • Coordinates services from multiple providers, including contractors and outside CPAs, into one cohesive client experience

Transitioning from Enterprise to Dentists

“My father-in-law was a practicing dentist. I started talking to him about financial planning, taxes, and the things a small business owner struggles with. And I thought, ‘I could help people like that.’”

Brandon Culp got the idea to focus on helping dentists from his father-in-law, a practicing dentist. He also knew that they needed more than taxes. Brandon wanted to help dentists build their businesses through bookkeeping and cash flow projections services. For that reason, he started Fraction CFI as a Finance-as-a-Service firm that doesn’t offer tax itself.

Brandon knew he needed the right software and communication protocols in his tech stack. To build the best system, he considered:

  • Many different practice management solutions. Brandon initially struggled to find one geared toward what he envisioned for his firm and not just traditional tax and audit.
  • The vital need to minimize unnecessary communication, preventing overwhelm. For instance, not every team member would need to see every message about bookkeeping minutia.
  • The ability to facilitate communication across his team plus an increasing number of contractors, other professionals, and a growing client list.

Building a Tech Stack from the Beginning

“In Client Hub we have myself and my team, we've invited a couple of contractors and we've also invited some CPAs. Client Hub offers the opportunity to connect them to that portal. They can communicate with the clients seamlessly as if they're directly part of our team.”

Knowing he’d need to connect other service providers to his clients, Brandon carefully selected the tech stack for Fraction CFI. Brandon and his team's tools are the same ones he started with back in October of 2020. And the piece that makes the coordination possible is Client Hub.

Here’s why Brandon prefers Client Hub for practice management:

  • Ability to make his firm the professional services “hub” for clients: Fraction CFI clients want their bookkeeping, projections, planning, and tax prep in one place. Client Hub allows Brandon to coordinate the work of many outside professionals to provide all these services without having to hire lots of people and become a “one-stop shop.”
  • Ease of communication with clients: Client Hub’s built-in chat allows Brandon and his team to securely deliver forecasts, tax planning advice, and other essential informations to clients directly in the app. It also makes Brandon, his contractors, and outside CPAs feel like part of the same team to the client.
  • Transparent task management: Client Hub allows Brandon to manage tasks across his team, clients, contractors, and outside professionals. This allows Fraction CFI to coordinate work and complete tasks on time regardless of who is responsible.
  • Separate workspaces streamline communication: Brandon loves how workspaces separate internal and client communication and that he can set up multiple workspaces for each client. This keeps unnecessary chatter to a minimum. For instance, the CPAs at Fraction CFI don’t need to hear about every uncategorized expense that the bookkeeper is asking about. And clients don’t see the internal messages meant for other members of Brandon’s team.

The Future Looks Bright

“So I started a Fraction CFI in October of 2020. We've since grown to myself, two employees and a couple of contractors that support us.”

With Brandon’s tech stack, and Client Hub acting as the central communication center, the firm is ready to add new partnerships, onboard more clients quickly, and open up new services to better serve the dental niche.

Fraction CFI continues to grow the number of dentistry practices it serves. By focusing on the dentistry niche and partnering with other professionals, Brandon can offer a high-value advisory service and add capacity while keeping headcount at a minimum.

Ready to Have a Client Hub of Your Own?

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