One of the most beneficial things you can do at the beginning of a new year is to evaluate your tech from the past year and determine what new tech can be implemented to improve workflow processes. Here are 5 simple reasons to implement new tech at the beginning of the new year:

1) Ample Data from Last Year

Since implementing new tech from the previous year, you now have ample data to see which solutions worked and why. You also have the chance to clean house and remove any outdated tech or applications that didn’t help your practice achieve its goals. After figuring out what problems persist, do research on what new tech exists to solve these pain points.

2) Budget

At the beginning of the year, your practice may have a little more wiggle room with its budget. Invest in solutions for the biggest problems your firm has had this past year. Once you’ve figured out which solutions exist, learn how it will fit into your practice. If it’s a good fit, spend the money on implementation, training, and subscriptions early in the year so you don’t have to find extra room in the budget later.

3) New Hires May Have New Ideas

Sometimes with a new budget comes new hires. Listen to any knowledge or advice a new employee or partner has about tech for your firm. They might have heard of a solution you haven’t, or have used a tool that you haven’t had the chance to test yet. Pick their brains to learn about their experiences and which solutions would work for your firm’s pain points.

4) Take Advantage of any New Year/ New User Deals

Many tech solutions might offer a deal during the new year. Take advantage of this time of year to see what kind of discounts or trials appear for solutions you’ve been researching. These deals might be time sensitive, so get your hands on them while you can.

5) Use New Tech to Prepare for Busy Season

A big part of the new year is spent preparing for tax time for small business clients. It might be tempting to put off implementing new tech during a slower time of the year like summer, but there are benefits to investing in new tech now. For example, a solution like Client Hub can reduce communication roadblocks between your practice and clients, making client work a smoother experience. Investing a little extra time implementing new tech now can save you a lot of time later.

While there is never a bad time to look for new tech solutions, the new year is always a great time for trying new things. Implement new tech and see how much of a difference it makes in your practice this time next year.