Solving your staffing crisis is possible. Many firms, and businesses, for that matter, are struggling to find and retain talent. “The Great Resignation” is seemingly hitting all sectors, but there are dedicated, talented people ready to work for you.

You just need to find them.

In my recent article, I discuss my unique approach to finding the right talent to grow amazing teams, firms, and services.

Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Your Staffing Crisis

1. Full-time vs. Contractor: Who to Hire?

Do you need someone to work for you full-time, or would a contractor suffice?  A few points that I cover are:

  • Full-time employees are great for growth and when you need a steady individual to work with you long-term. However, these individuals will require benefits, 40-hour work weeks, and often want room to advance.
  • Contractors pose less risk and have less overhead required to hire them. Additionally, you don’t need to offer a contractor 40 hours a week. For testing and even long-term, contractors can be a great option

2. Find the Right Person

What is your approach to finding the right person? Are you using:

  • Freelance sites?
  • Outsourcing agencies?
  • LinkedIn or Indeed?
  • Social media?
  • Others?

If not, you’re missing out on a large pool of potential workers that may be the perfect fit for your firm.

3. Work to Retain the Contractor/Employee

People aren’t afraid to resign. Last year, the quit rate hit a 20-year high. You need to do everything you can to retain talent. A few of the recommendations I discuss are:

  • Provide the support workers need to succeed
  • Revisit and update your tech stack
  • Keep an open line of communication
  • So much more

I cover a lot in the article that will help you find the right talent for your firm even amid a staffing crisis. If you are struggling to find talent or are thinking you’ll want to hire in the future, this is a must-read. Check out the article here.

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