Angela Roberts is the owner of Main Accounting Services in Kennesaw, GA. Angela has a BS in accounting and is a QuickBooks Online Proadvisor.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your firm, and what kind of clients you work with.

  • A: We are 3 1/2 years in business, based in Kennesaw, GA. The majority of our clients are law firms, so we understand and implement best practices for trust accounting. We provide full bookkeeping services, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting. We are 100% virtual supporting only QBO clients.

Q: Why did you decide to implement Client Hub in your firm?

  • A: I started using client hub as a tool to house all things accounting related for my clients.

Q: What has your firm’s experience been using Client Hub?

  • A: Client Hub has been a wonderful tool for sharing and storing valuable resources such as: monthly reports, budget templates, ad hoc reports, link to my calendar, and links to all financial institutions.

Q: Do you have a favorite Client Hub resource?

  • A: I love the apps links and resources. It is now so easy for my clients to use Client Hub as the first point of entry for anything accounting related. All their bank, payroll, and CPA portal links are in one place for easy access. The resources are great too as I can store reports, procedures, training videos, and even my calendar link for my client’s convenience.

Q: What success stories can you share about your firm’s experience with Client Hub?

A: We recently acquired a new client because we use Client Hub! An existing client was so happy with our new client workspace that she decided to show it off to a friend who also owns her own business. The friend was looking for accounting help and was impressed with our commitment to working collaboratively with our clients that she reached out and hired us.

A huge thank you to Angela Roberts for contributing to our sample! learn more about Angela and her firm here.

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