For the team here at Client Hub, the excitement has been hard to contain. In early September, we quietly released our new Internal Workflow feature; today, we are ready to shout about it from the rooftops.

The new Client Hub Jobs feature evolves our product from “Frictionless Client Communications” to ”Frictionless Workflow.” This new functionality allows practice users to manage their work within the same platform they use to work collaboratively with their clients.

Practice Admins and Staff users with a Pro level subscription will now see an Internal Workspace tab for each client listed on the My Client List. From within the Internal Workspace, you and your team can add one-time or recurring jobs to manage the day-to-day workflow. Each Job can contain tasks and task details to provide staff with step-by-step instructions for completing the work.

As practice users complete the tasks, they can check them off to keep track of what has been completed. Job statuses can be updated to keep track of work in progress, on hold, or completed. For repeating jobs, once the status is changed to complete, the job’s next occurrence is automatically created and can be viewed in the future tab. Any edits to the tasks or task details will be automatically reflected in the next instance.

The Jobs Dashboard provides a full overview of all jobs by status with the option to filter by user.  The job cards can be dragged and dropped to easily update the status. Clicking on a job from the dashboard will open the job details page to allow users to view the task details.

Future enhancements will bring together the client collaboration feature and workflow to help automate sending client requests. Integrating these two features into a single platform will help accountants and bookkeepers save time, increase productivity and deliver a delightful client experience.

Register for our September 30th webinar to learn more about Client Hub & Frictionless workflow.