We recently had the pleasure of writing an article on finding the right software solutions for accounting firms. However, we got a little overzealous, and it turned into a two-part mega guide on the topic.

This summary is part 2 of the guide (if you have read to read part one, you can do so here).

In the second article, we cover an additional four steps to take to find the perfect software solution for your firm.

Steps 5 - 7 to Finding the Right Software Solutions

5. Consider Value When Looking at Pricing

Pricing matters. Every firm has a budget, but can you afford to lose hours of time each week by not using robust software solutions? A big mistake firms make is getting get stuck on the upfront price and trying to find the cheapest solution.

Instead, it’s time to change your mindset and consider value.

We discuss pricing in great detail, how to break down pricing strategically, and a few additional points to consider.

6. Learn About Training and Onboarding

Training and onboarding are both important, but how much will they cost you? Is training your entire team an option from the provider? If not, do they offer guides that your team can follow to lower the learning curve of using the software?

These are all things to consider because your team will need to learn how to use the software.

7. A Word About Support

Things break. Even great software can have bugs and glitches from time to time, and if you need support, will it be there for you? Support needs to fit your needs, and this means being available in multiple ways:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Etc.

However, there are other points that we discuss in greater detail, such as the hours support is available and the importance of human contact.

In the above points, we just touch on these topics. We encourage you to read the full article here for in-depth insights on choosing the right software solution for your accounting firm and to discover step 8.

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